Useful Websites

  • My theological website is
  • See to buy an award winning DVD documentary by Kim Snyder about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the USA. It makes you feel part of something very extensive. ME/CFS sufferer, Blake Edwards, (producer of the Pink Panther films) speaks about being "divorced" by his doctor. Local doctor from Lake Tahoe has the right views about the cover-up.
  • Sufferers are invited to visit, an American website, that contains some interesting material on ME/CFS and fibromyalgia. Although she will not advise any particular treatment on but it is suggested there too that dietary treatments and garlic are the most effective management interventions at the moment for ME. There is a livle message board on their site - to discuss treatments.
  • Advanced searches on medical research articles on many conditions including M.E (search under "Chronic Fatiue Syndrome" and "Fibromyalgia") can be by accessed at: (National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, Maryland, USA). Say you want to find out about sleep disorders in CFS. To cross-reference searches, type in e.g. “CFS” then another e.g. “sleep disorders”. Click on “History” at the top of screen and note the assigned number of each separate search (like #2 etc). To combine the information, type into "History" screen search box instructions like this: #2 AND #3. Then only articles on “CFS sleep disorders” will be listed. Always type "AND" in upper case.
  • Using Christian armour to defeat evil forces : A highly recommended article by Pastor Paolo Castellina on defeating the forces of spiritual darkness: "A Christian's Armour, spiritual resources for our daily struggle". Find it under "Articles and Bible Studies".
  • Letter from Elizabeth Paine, Medical Student on the Christian Medical Fellowship Site
  • Inspirational Film - The non commercial "Jesus" film online (free) in many languages, based faithfully on the Gospels including the resurrection, with scenes of His healings and teachings.
  • - comprehensive information on handling bullying
  • for online information on ME on "Wikipedia"
  • Elizabeth's site has and wide range of information on ME with an extensive contacts list and a poetry section with some helpful and interesting poems expressing the confusing and extensive symptoms of ME/CFS.
  • : Hazel's Stapleton's UK site develops the Christian perspective on ME
  • for advice on your rights to "Saying No" to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and graded exericse regimes on this Kent Christian Charity website.
  • .uk/bbmeinternet.html. The Bury and Bolton ME Support Group site UK (which is linking to this site too). We hope that the local NHS provision that is being organised does not enforce CBT and graded exercise. If so, please read site above for advice.
  • It has been found that a highly nutritional diet, rich in fish can counteract the effects of bipolar disorder and senile dementia:
  • Theopedia - a Christian online encyclopaedia (like Wikipedia) with definitions of terms relevant to the Christian faith (I am working on the "Suffering" page) Click here :

Disability Rights and Resources

The UK Disability Discrimination Act

To search for information about your nation’s disability rights and resources, put in your search box (the name of your country) Government disability…… then search on disability. This may lead to the website of your national Ministry of Labour or Employment (Department of Work and Pensions in the UK) or a specialist government disability website, with links to a national Disability Commission (Disability Rights Commission in the UK). Here you should find printed legislation on disability and an advice line with telephone numbers.

In the UK see:
this site
UK Disability Rights Commission Website:|
In Italy see here (in English)

European Disability Forum see here:
In the USA see:
or here

In Australia see:
In Canada see