Better Relationships - Becoming an "Expert" in Relationships through ME

ME is bad for one's bank account but, in the long run, it is good for the most important things in life - genuine relationships. Better relationships are those in which each person can admit their own limitations. People who have suffered have a more sympathetic ear and understanding for the limitations and "disabilities" of others, whether physical or psychological. Patients often recall time spent with other ME sufferers warmly and look for more people, who are "genuine" during and after ME, people who can let the "mask" slip.

ME develops patience which is the "oil" of good relationships. In gaining "concessions" from others, we are more ready to make concessions for the weakness of others. We cannot be "Superwoman" or "Superman", so why should we expect anyone to be? In some ways, it is a good feeling to know you are "frail flesh" - it puts you in touch with what really matters in life and what is real in relationships, as nothing else can.

If after ME, we listen more to others, if we know how strong the human psyche is (as we discover), if we have learnt how the human body heals and how prayer works, we are not only truly "rich" but we can be a deep source of support, comfort and healing to others, in many kinds of adversity. This leads, inextricably, to real inner fulfilment. People who are hurting need those who have been wounded themselves. Who better to help than someone who has had or overcome ME?

Relationships count in life: there is no greater joy, or reward, than a deep, loving relationship. A personal relationship with a God who loves us, each one of us, personally, is better than anything else in the world, including possessions and riches. In ME we can develop all our relationships and become experts in warm, trusting and loving relationships. If so, ME is worth every moment of all the pain.

St Paul in the Bible says in Romans 5:

"Suffering produces endurance, endurance produces patience, patience produces character and character produces faith".

This means that out of our pains and trials, through having faith in God tested, lasting personal qualities are developed and nurtured by "fire". Out of pain comes faith. Purpose, productivity and purity are the fruits, all within tested and better relationships.