Membership of this Site

Dear Readers and Visitors

Some of you have been asking whether they can be a "member" of this site. Sadly, I have been having to "reject" the requests. For me, "rejecting" someone else with ME is hard! There are technical problems at present. The main problem is that "Wikispaces" membership involves full editing rights. Though I am very keen to hear from readers e.g. on the Forum (which sadly is not used much), I am unable to allow others unknown to me, however worthy, to edit pages.

I have to maintain consistent "messages" widely. I need to be entirely "in control" across all the pages for health and safety reasons. But I really value all my visitors and those who try the treatments. Here are some ways to share your valuable personal information, give feedback and contact others via my site:

a) I have given some patients their own space e.g. see the "Petition" page and "Deanne's Diary"
b) there is an Forum on which anyone can express responses and views.
c) on each page (click on the tab at the top) there is a "Discussion" space on which readers can comment and share information with other readers
d) readers can email me directly ask questions, give suggestions and share information.

Be assured that having ME or caring for someone with ME, gives you automatic "honorary" membership of this site and of the "international ME/CFS community". I read and answer all emails I receive in response to this site.

I am thinking of readers and potential readers with ME/CFS while I am regularly updating this site. Articles are changed and added often.

My work is for you, so please keep in touch by visiting the site as often as possible. There may be something we have found which could change your life for the better. If so, please let us know so we can let others know.

Well Wishing from The Editor and "her support team"

Alison Bailey - March 2007