Juicing for Health in ME/CFS: Energy in a glass

external image Kenwood%20JE570.jpg Kenwood JE550 Juicer

Juicing is part of the wider dietary approach to ME/CFS described on this site, My site's approach uses raw vegetables, garlic and a healthy wheat-.free diet to tackle the toxicity and intolerances that are part of ME/CFS. Please ensure that before you start juicing you have had your foods allergies (privately) tested, since juice is a very concentrated form of food. If you are intolerant to a food which you juice, taking it in this form will make you feel much worse. Please note that food intolerances develop as part of ME/CFS so do not asume that you do not have them because you did not have them before ME/CFS..

Visible Improvements from Juicing

At the moment, I am noting a marked improvement in a friend who has had fibromylagia and ME/CFS for 10 years. She started raw organic juicing a month ago and is "coming alive". Her eyes seem to be brighter, her skin is starting to glow and indeed her whole appearance is changing, for the better. She actually looks years younger. I fully expect to see colour in her cheeks within a few weeks. She talks about not being able to take juce after 8pm because it starts to "charge her body up" - with precious energy, preventing her sleeping. This is the effect of concentrated raw food on the body in ME/CFS.

Juice Vegetables - not Fruit

Organic vegetable juice in ME/CFS is raw energy in fluid form (see Recipes for more ME/CFS recipes). It avoids the sugar content of fruit juices and organic juice contains all the vitamins and minerals our immune systems need to function really effectively. There is evidence that a) raw vegetables cleanse the digestive system from the bad bacteria causing overload on the immune system and b) detoxify all the cells in the entire body. No wonder my friend is starting to glow (as well as to shed pounds in weight).

Making A Start on Juicing

Start slowly on juice in severe ME/CFS. Your body must get used to taking food as fluid and to its detoxifying effects (which could cause headaches as the toxins are released in severe ME) . In fact, you could start your treatment regime with juicing before you start to take garlic and the wheat-free recipes recommended elsewhere on this site. Then, use your judgment to decide the perfect dietary regime that suits your body best. Always remember to avoid your allegens (which you can get tested privately).

Steps to Making Vegetable Juice

a) buy an electronic juicer - the more expensive ones are easier to use but the cheaper ones (like Kenwood's above are capable of producing juice which is delicious)
b) read the instruction manual carefully
c) 30 minutes before lunch prepare half a head of fresh organic celery (clean it, take the strands off and feed it cut into small slices into the funnel and push down)
d) drink the straight celery juice, mixed with equal quantities of purified water, just before you eat. Mix juice well with saliva as it is needed to digest the juice. Sip it and hold it in your mouth for several seconds before swallowing.
e) repeat each day for three days and note changes and effects.

If all is well, start to test other organic vegetables as well: organic carrot, celery and cucumber and broccoli are the best vegetables to juice. The darker the juice the less you should have at first. Mix it well with water, at first. Never drink more than two to three 8 fluid ounce glasses at first per day and expect to start to get detoxifixation headaches. You could, after some time, drink about one pint of juice per day but do not juice more than one carrot per day (someone once died of a Vitamin A overdose from eating too many carrots!).

  • Some juices act as diurectics, so drink lots of water too.
  • Be careful with taking beetroot juice in ME/CFS. Although a strong cleanser and detoxifyer it should not be taken in large amounts. However it is recommeded in small doses. Check how to juice beetroot and in what state (don't drink vinegar!)
  • Green juices are very good for you but can also be strong - so test them.
  • For light relief, try juicing some organic fruits, but avoid too much as they contain a lot of fructose which feeds the bad bacteria in the digestive system, and, they are bad for the teeth. In fact, they cancel out the good effects they have on the body through the amount of sugar they contain.

To be continued......with some juice recipes