Alison's ME/CFS Reading list

I have a small stock of essential books for ME/CFS which have been with me in this edition or in an edition throughout ME. I have read numerous other books as a member of the huge research library in London, The British Library, I searched their catalogues and accessed hundreds of books. I was really surprised at how little there that is relevant to ME/CFS on a) being chronically sick b) being ill and c) suffering.,

"Living Light"

Apart from the Bible, there is one book that stands out devotionally in ME/CFS. I have had it with me throughout. I found it invaluable when I was very weak. It is called "Living Light" published first in the USA by Tyndale House Publishers and by Kingsway publishers in the UK. Sadly, it does not seem to be now in print, so you could search on secondhand book sites for an old leatherbound copy. It has a page for every day of the year, one for morning and one for evening. It is a set of Bible quotations which reads as a couple of paragraphs. If I look at May 13th, Morning, there are a set of Bible quotations taken from different books of the Bible which are set of promises about there being no crying, sickness, dying in Heaven. I cannot recommend this little book highly enough when you are very ill and I hope that some publisher issues it again in the near future.

Priscilla Maurice "Sickness: its Trials and Blessings"
I have published here (available for sale) a modernised version of Priscilla Maurice's powerful book: "Sickness: Its Trials and Blessings" which speaks directly to the situation of people with ME/CFS. Read it free online at this link.

Books by Joni Eareckson Tada:

- 366 Devotional Readings
- Pearls of Great Price
- Diamonds in the Dust
- When God Weeps
- More precious than Silver (Zondervan Press)

Diet and Energy

**Raw Energy Bible**
Leslie Kenton is the author (New Age devotee as well) who inspired me to start raw energy and has lots of information on juicing.HIghly recommended, in fact "a must" in ME/CFS. I owe her a lot.

Power Juices
Highly recommended - another book by Leslie Kenton but take care with "power juices" in ME/CFS. I would stick to the weaker ones and test the more powerful ones only when you are better.

Handling and identifying bullying

**Bully in SIght**
There are a series of books by Tim FIeld on bullying on the same page. Tim is the creator of and the world's expert in the subject.

Handling Stress Better

The Mozart Effect
Don Camptbell's fascinating book about using music to heal the mind and body.


The New International Version Disciple's Study Bible
I have used this Bible throughout ME/CFS. It is American and some may prefer the Revised Standard Version with notes (which I am currently buying) . All of these larger Bibles are quite pricey. Don't bother about leather-bound spiritual looking Bibles. If you are reading the Bible every day it will get soiled looking, in a few years. What matters are accuracy and clarity of the text for the modern ear, the cross-refernces and the quality of the footnotes. These Bibles are quite heavy and notto be carried around and so I carry a small New Testament and Psalms Bible in my bag.