What Christians believe in ME/CFS

There is a lot of confusion these days about what Christianity really is and what you have to believe to be a "real Christian". For example, there are parts of the historic churches which teach that you are a real Christian if you were simply baptised as a baby, or if you attend regular services or if you just believe in God, but not the Resurrection. None of this is true. There are other parts of the visible Church that say that you must have special "gifts" to be a Christian and these may include some gifts like "speaking in tongues".

What is one to believe to be a real Christian? In fact, neither baptism (as a baby) nor "speaking in tongues" are required to be a real Christian. But there are some things that are basic to being a real Christian (as opposed to a Christian in name only). They are:

a) God made the World and the Universe and that He is in control of all things (think about the Creed)
b) God is the source of all genuine love and blessings
c) God loved the World so much that he sent his Son into it and that that Son is the only way to God (Jesus said "I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to God except through me")
d) God's Son is Jesus Christ who was born of a virginal human mother (but one who was not without sin) through the Holy Spirit
e) Jesus Christ, Son of God, descended (through his mother) from King David never sinned
f) Jesus died for the sins of the world (and for our own) as the Saviour of all those who would believe in Him
g) on the Third Day he rose from the empty tomb into a new kind of body and that He ascended to sit at the right hand of God in glory
h) when we die we will face Judgment before the Throne of Christ and if we put our trust in the Cross and what Jesus did on it for us personally, we will receive eternal life.
i) good deeds cannot save us from the Judgment of God - only the Cross and "grace" can
j) repentance is essential to salvation and to receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit which is the guarantee of eternal life.
k) the Bible is the inspired Word of God, given through men, from the Holy Spirit, and as such has an eternal authority over our lives (Jesus said that His words would never pass away).

Christians with ME/CFS continue to believe these things throughout ME/CFS as well as holding onto particular things:
  • They believe that ME/CFS has a purpose in their life due to a verse in the Letter to the Romans which says "God works all things together for good for those who are called according to His good purpose".
  • They believe strongly that God will ultimately rescue them from ME/CFS and that they can in Heaven (if not before) look forward to freedom from all pain, grief and illness.
  • They believe that Jesus, through His Holy Spirit is with them, as close as breathing, even in ME/CFS. Jesus said that he would be with His disciples "until the end of the age".
  • They believe in the power of prayer, particularly in two's and three's as Jesus said are particularly blessed with his presence.
  • They believe in the many, many sustaining promises in the Bible, even in ME/CFS

These are such comforting and wonderful things to believe and to hang onto, with total confidence, in ME/CFS.
Have you thought about believing them and what a great difference that would make to your situation, feelings, hopes and future, in ME/CFS?
Alison Bailey, April 2007